About Us

Core Philosophy & Ethos:

– Discovering identity and purpose in Christ Jesus
– Safe learning environment
– Excitement to learn & develop
– Individualised Learning & Mastery based academic advancement
– Individual attention, mentorship & facilitation
– Biblical principles and values based programs
– Healthy teacher/learner relationships
– Organic & Blended learning, growing and developing
– Quality Educational, Leadership & Character development
– Unlocking potential, diversity & creativity

Vision and Mission:

1. The Vision is to
– The Development of young people into mature leaders through quality education within a safe learning environment.

2. The Mission is to
– Provide quality and relevant educational programs
– Enhance and stimulate their learning experience through Multidisciplinary educational platforms
– Equip young people in their understanding of Kingdom Values and Principles in order to discover their identity and purpose
– Train and establish a functional and mature team of educators and mentors
– Provide a safe, sustainable, creative self-learning environment through quality teacher-learner interaction and mentorship
– Provide controlled and motivated education balanced with individual learning